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Vidyanagara, repaired to Cikka £ankanna Nayaka with all hię
family. Cikka Sankanna gave him protection and appointed
him to posts of great power and wealth.

ij aycim^ pp. 66-£,

When the Narapati Maharayas were ruling the kingdom of
inegondi, there lived at Allur a boy of the name of Puligadda
Papanarasayya who distinguished himself in arts and sciences
very early in life.   Being desirous of seeing the beauty of
Yijayanagar*,   he  started   alone   from   his  village.    In the
middle of his way, lie met Ramaraja who was marching with
his armies against some enemies ; and 011 his invitation, he
accompanied the army to Vijayanagara.    Ramaraja who was
greatly impressed with his intelligence and wisdom bestowed
upon him many favours, and, having granted him the sarkars
of Sarvepalli,  Udayagiri  and   Nizampatnarn   for  his  salary,
appointed him as vakil at the court of Delhi, where he trans-
acted business on behalf of the Narapatis, until the outbreak of
a war between Ramaraja and the Mussalmans. Papanarasayya
remained with the Raya during the war,    In the battle that
ensued, Ramaraja fell into the hands of the Mussalmans. and
Malik Ibrahim Padushah killed him, and annexed much terri-
tory over which he established his authority.
Malik Ibrahim who became a friend of Papanarasayya
during his sojourn at the court of Vijayanagara in his youth
sent for him and asked him to choose some office
under his government which he would readily bestow apor
him. Papanarasayya who remembered the many favoun
TOjuch. the Raya bestowed upon him was greatly moved ; h<
said tfyat lie had no desire to serve any master after th<
demise of the Raya, by whose kindness he enjoyed all th<
gifts of fortune. The Padushah condoled with him, and con
ferred the three sarlcars which were formerly under his con
trol as jaglrs upon his three sons ; but Papanarasayya die<
some time later in retirement.                          ""
41, pp. 191-